Volvo Penta Saildrive

When introduced by Volvo Penta in 1973, the Saildrive was the only one of its kind. With all the original benefits intact and new qualities added, the Saildrive versions of today are still unique – making it the most comfortable, efficient and safe package for sailboats.

The difference is in the details

1. Saildrive oil can be changed from inside the boat.

2. Crash absorber that keeps the engine in place in the event of impact.

3. Patented electrical isolation of drive and propeller to minimize risk of corrosion.

4. Extensive range of matched propellers.

5. Split anode that can be replaced without removing the propeller.

6. Hydrodynamically optimized design gives low drag while sailing.

7. Optimal cooling water intake gives minimal risk of blocked water intake.

8. Three-point suspended mounting gives minimal noise and vibrations with no need for alignment.