Power for Marine Professionals

Power for Marine Professionals

Volvo Penta is the Volvo Group’s marine specialist and acts as an independent supplier, supporting customers from the design stage to installation and aftermarket service. Innovation and technical leadership are some of the hallmarks of the company, as recently demonstrated by the introduction of the leading pod system for planning hulls. Worldwide support is of highest importance, and Volvo Penta is represented by qualified dealers in more than 100 countries. 

- Coast guard and patrol
- Short sea and river transport
- Supply vessels and offshore energy
- Sightseeing and passenger transport
- Workboats and tugs - See more at:

Volvo Penta примет участие в выставке НЕФТЕГАЗ 2012


Приглашаем всех посетить стенд Volvo Penta на НЕФТЕГАЗ 2012, которая пройдет c 25 по 29 июня 2012 года в Москве на территории выставочного комплекса Экспоцентр на Красной Пресне. Павильон 8, зал 3, номер стенда 83С35.

Reference installations


A selection of reports with engine and vessel data from various installations through the years.



The Volvo Penta line-up of diesel sterndrive packages is second to none. The common rail diesel engines are marine diesels, developed and produced by Volvo Penta exclusively for marine applications.

Volvo Penta power for marine professionals

Visit Volvo Penta's YouTube channel and watch the Marine Commercial video.

Volvo Penta IPS


The broad range of alternatives, along with the possibility of twin, triple and quadruple installations, makes it suitable for planing boats up to 30 meter.

Reliable marine genset, the engine range

Marine gensets

The Volvo Penta genset systems are reliable marine diesels, well-matched generators and a monitoring system. The key component is the smooth-running and reliable Volvo Penta marine diesel engine.