Your new command center

The new generation of Volvo Penta controls provide a new levelof simplicity, with integrated buttons for activating and fine-tuning several features. Single-lever mode, Cruise control and Low-speed mode are all easily accessible by just pushing a button (depending on drive system, see below for specifications). For sterndrive, buttons for trim, as well as Powertrim Assistant are conveniently integrated in the controls.
1.  Ergonomic and solid feel 
2.  Powertrim. Trims both sterndrives in sync in twin installation 
3. Comfortable and steady handrest 
4. Electronic shift and throttle 
5. Neutral indicator lights up when gear is in neutral  
6. Individual sterndrive Powertrim (SB) 
7. Individual sterndrive Powertrim (PT) 
8. Cruise control rpm adjustment 
9. Mechanical interlock 
10. Neutral lock 
11. Safety lanyard connection
  IPS Inboard   Aquamatic  
Engine Installation Twin* Twin Single  Twin Single Sidemount
Throttle only x x x x
Station on/off/lock x x x  
Engine RPM sync x x   x    
Trim button in lever       x x x
Individual SB/PT trim buttons          
Safety lanyard/tow mode           x/o 
Cruise control
Single-lever mode o     o   o    
Low-speed mode o/x** o*** o***      
Powertrim Assistant       o